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Cloud Services

Hosted Business Servers & Hosted Desktops

Managed Hosting with 24 HR monitoring and support for your vital systems

Cloud Computing

The resources spent on maintaining your IT infrastructure, though necessary, can prevent you from focusing on the development and management of core business.

Using a Managed Applications Hosting service enables companies to focus on business operations as we manage the hosting of applications from the network upwards. Proactive support and monitoring further ensure the availability and efficiency of key business systems.

We also provide SaaS facilities with Hosted Desktop enables you, and your workforce, to work from anywhere, at anytime, on any device, including Android tablets and iPad to provide a more flexible operational environment'.      

Hosted Desktops

Windows Hosted Microsoft Windows Desktops in the Cloud

Hosted Desktop is the logical progression of the SaaS evolution.

The one software based package we all use is the desktop. We go to a machine and we are familiar with where things are and how it works.

With Hosted Desktop this goes one stage further and whatever computer you are sitting at becomes your own desktop, with all your programmes and even the company file structure so you can work from where ever you are.

Delivering the business desktop giving you Microsoft XP, the Office Suite, Business grade email with anti-spam and anti-virus,

Hosted Desktop is the killer SaaS app that everybody needs.

For more information on Hosted Desktop click here

Business Server Hosting

Alongside Hosted Desktop you can also host Line of Business Applications such as SunSystems.

Application and Database servers are configured to deliver business systems from a secure environment to the desktop. Not only are these systems secure from a data perspective, they are also protected from anyone changing the application operating environment and potentially causing costly downtime.

An added feature is the ability to bolt on the optional AMS (Application Managed Service) to an Application Hosted environment.

AMS is a flexible monthly package of consultancy services (Technical & Application) provided to monitor and maintain applications during the month, thus releasing I.T. and operational staff to get on with running the business.

For more information on Business Server Hosting click here

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