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Office Move / Relocation

Planning & design services for moving your business premises

The complex nature of today’s converged IP Network demands specialist management

Network Infrastructure Services

Network Infrastructure Services

Understanding and managing networks is a complex and specialist area. If you are having network performance issues or want assistance with existing network design or are even considering moving to new premises, then we can provide resources to assist.

We can provide comprehensive professional network services across a range of areas, releasing key support staff to concentrate on the day-to-day business needs.

Some of the key areas we can cover are:

Network Troubleshooting

Irrespective of the size of company or complexity of network setup, most companies will at some time encounter performance or stability issues in their infrastructure.

Sometimes it is difficult to identify exactly where the problem resides. Often users encounter issues within an application, either through loss of connectivity or reduced performance, but can't specifically identify its cause.

That can leave an I.T. Department with a major problem - is it the application, the database, or the underlying network infrastructure that is causing the issue?

That is where we can help. We have resources with many years of experience, expertise and advanced toolsets to quickly analyse where issues are occurring and to recommend how to resolve them.       


Network Design

 Keeping abreast of general technology developments is not easy at the best of times.

Converged I.P. networks present a major challenge in terms of complexity and design. They demand a well-planned and implemented design to ensure the needs and requirements of the business are met.

If you're looking at your networks logical and physical design plus considering ongoing strategy then contact us to understand how we may be able to help.       


Network Audit

If you are unsure of the efficiency of your network or are looking at planning future growth, or even rationalising the existing infrastructure, then you may wish to consider undertaking a systematic review of what is currently in place.

We can provide resources who will undertake a thorough audit and review of your infrastructure. This will enable you to better understand existing or potential issues and also plan ahead in terms of both the physical and logical structure of your networks.


Office Move / Relocation

If your business is opening a new office, relocating to new premises, restructuring your existing location, consolidating or expanding your Data Centre, we can connect you to a range of services.

Utilising these services will make the transition easy and cost effective, ensuring you become operational from day one.       

Flexible Services

Whether you have specific issues with your infrastructure or want to expand or replace existing networks, then you can be sure we can put in place the required resources and expertise to support you.

Of course, we also combine network / infrastructure services into general consultancy services. For example, SunSystems implementations and upgrades, where we can provide a network check and performance simulation services to ensure your infrastructure can support application rollout, or even an upgrade.

So if it's a standalone requirement or integrated into a larger consultancy project, we have the resources and expertise available to help.      


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