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Managed Hosting & Co-Location

Secure and Reliable Infrastructure

Managed, Private Dedicated hosting services

Manages Dedicated Servers

Built with Sandy Bridge chipsets from Intel®, managed dedicated servers are designed to deliver performance, power, speed and reliability. Extensive flexibility enables configuration of a dedicated server solution to meet a variety of business requirements. Plus, features like Advanced Monitoring, Live Backups, External Storage, Private Cloud and Advanced Networking allow the creation of a customized infrastructure that delivers the best end-user experience.

The hosting solution is supported by expert staff who deploy, monitor, manage and troubleshoot the entire hosting infrastructure .

Essential Server

Single quad-core hosting configuration is completely customisable that is recommended for low-to-medium-traffic websites, development and email hosting, or as a general-purpose web server.

Advanced Server

A customizable single hex-core dedicated server that is suitable for medium-traffic websites and robust web applications, or for serving files and photos.

Pro Server

A robust dual octa-core server for high-traffic websites, including eCommerce environments and application servers.

Storage Server

This configurable storage server can be used for all Data Warehousing, Big Data and NAS or File Server needs.



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