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Platform & Database 


MS Windows Server, RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server)

Technology consulting solutions for your critical business challenges

Technology Consulting Services


Our Microsoft Windows Server and Oracle / SQL Server database consulting services ensure that your technical requirements are fully delivered.


XenArtis consultants have real, in-depth technical knowledge and experience and will work with you to understand your requirements and define your required deliverables.

We can provide Technology Consultants for short or long term projects.

Ranging from a short monthly database health check via remote connection, right up to long term on site placement, we can provide experienced consultants to match your needs.      


Database Consulting Services for Oracle and SQL Server


Using our Oracle and SQL Server consulting / DBA services can help you to maintain the efficiency and consistency of your databases. The last thing you will want to do is let underutilized data, outdated data platforms, inefficient data systems, or any other database-related pitfalls hinder your performance now or in the future.

  • Database Installations - planning and implementing SQL Server and Oracle database installation.

  • Database Upgrades - effectively planning and executing the upgrade to ensure minimal downtime.

  • Database Patching - ensuring that all tasks are executed in an orderly and consistent way.

  • Data Audit - analysing and identifying potential ussies with security and other issues.

  • Performance Analysis - carry outa  health of your database.

  • Database Optimization -  improve the performance of your database.

  • General DBA activities - let us manage your database on a day by day basis at a fraction of the cost of a fill time DBA.

  • Custom Services - customised consultancy to your specific requirements

Our database consultants can assist in delivering the services you require guarding against underutilised data, outdated platforms, inefficient data systems, or any other related issues that could affect future performance.

Some of the ways we can assist:

  • Avoid potential downtime by having us execute a complex or critical database operations.

  • Fast response  to business critical issues, ensuring.

  • Assisting overstretched in-house DBA's with labour intensive tasks when.

  • Helping in deploying time critical projects.

  • Ramping up the number of DBAs working for you for large-scale projects

  • Upgrading your database environment to maintain the latest technology and avoid slipping out of the database vendors software support window.

Microsoft Windows Server


We can provide a variety of customise services around the Microsoft Windows Server platforms from Server 2008 upwards. Please contact us with your specific requirements.


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