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About XenArtis

XenArtis was formed in 2009 by a team of I.T. Professionals who have many years’ experience working with and for some of the major software and I.T. vendors.

Our staff and partners have the level of technical expertise and dedication to provide the client with a high level of service and cost effective solution delivery. We aim to build a good reputation with our clients in order to develop an ongoing and lasting relationship.

We recognise that the range of technologies required to support today's business environments is vast. Our philosophy therefore, is to provide "Best of Breed", so where necessary we will work with approved partners in order to provide a comprehensive offering to our clients.

Partners are strictly vetted for their expertise, quality of delivery, cost effectiveness and client commitment. And of course, XenArtis will always oversee and manage service delivery, whether this is provided through our own staff or by our partners.


Our Model

Drawing on many years’ experience delivering I.T. Services we realise that clients want excellent service at a reasonable price.

To deliver this we keep our overheads low by keeping our back office tasks to a minimum, thereby not needing to employ administrative staff. We also do not believe in the need to operate from expensive offices, preferring to travel to our clients to discuss requirements, or if possible via teleconference, thus reducing costs further.

A further way of keeping costs down is to deliver consultancy remotely. This avoids both travel time charges and the associated expenses incurred when travelling. We realise that not all jobs can be carried out remotely. Clients may have security restrictions or the job itself may require onsite attendance by the consultant. In those cases, we will send our consultant to site, but will always try and keep travel charges/expenses to a minimum.

Excellence of service is achieved through investing in our staff to ensure they have the required levels of technical expertise and support.       


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