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Infor FMS SunSystems Consultancy

Technical, Application, & Project Management

Comprehensive consulting solutions for your SunSystems environment

SunSystems Consulting Services


Whether you require a SunSystems application health check right through to a full version upgrade and platform migration, we can provide a range of consulting services covering all versions of SunSystems from version 4 upwards and including most partner applications.


 Our services cover Project Management, Implementation, Upgrade, Migration, Strategic Planning, and specific functional Application and Technical consulting.

Some of the key areas covered are:

Installation, Upgrade and Migration Services


We can provide consultants who understand the technology and functional aspects of SunSystems and the platforms on which it resides to install and configure SunSystems software.


Whether you are simply updating the version of SunSystems or changing operating system and database, we ensure that business continuity is maintained and SunSystems data is transferred with minimum downtime. The service includes documented post-installation tests and a report of all work carried out plus site-specific administration and maintenance advice and procedures.

Project Management can be added as required by the projects scale and complexity.


SunSystems Managed Service


SunSystems Managed Service (SMS) can be added to provide a managed solution for your SunSystems installation . Our technical team will take on day to day responsibility for the technical maintenance and general technical (excludes application functionality) tasks plus carry out regular system and database health checks to keep the systems in top working order.

Additionally you could also add Application support, whereby you can have access to experienced application consultants to assist you with functional elements of using the application that are not covered under your application support and maintenance agreement. They can even undertake a bureau service for you should you not have the numbers of experienced staff to carry out certain functions, or even have temporary resourcing issues

SMS is a flexible and extensible consultancy service designed to enhance your application operating and user experience and supplements your existing support agreements with the software vendor. 


Database Health Check Service (SQL Server or Oracle)

As data volumes grow, it is essential to review the database’s performance statistics in order to maximise the potential of any SunSystems RDBMS application. With expertise in SunSystems, Oracle, SQL Server and operating systems, we can review database performance statistics and revise the operating parameters accordingly. We can determine likely bottlenecks before any system slowdown, and help you plan for future growth.


  • Check and validate database backups & maintenance jobs

  • Performance monitoring of the SunSystems Database

  • Pro-active optimisation for the performance of the SunSystems Database

  • Check error logs to check for problems or security issues

  • Monitor Windows event log to check for any background problems

  • Monitor disk space and usage

  • Monitoring storage for future growth

  • Take corrective actions for any of the above



Site Audit

Over time the circumstances in which you use SunSystems may change: your data volumes may have increased your numbers of users grown or you may wish to ensure that your IT strategy and SunSystems remain compatible. We can review your complete installation, your usage of SunSystems and your IT strategy. We would then document and discuss with you any required or desirable changes in any aspect of your SunSystems installation, including hardware and networks, to ensure you continue to maximise the benefits available from the application.

A site audit is also recommended prior to completing a SunSystems upgrade to ensure that the proposed SunSystems environment has the correct number of servers, resources and software compatibility. An upgrade project plan would be generated from the audit which outlines the tasks and resources required to compete the upgrade.


Other Services

We provide a range of other services so please contact us to discuss any particular requirement.



Note: SunSystems is a trademark of the global software company Infor and we are not an authorised partner or supplier of any Infor products or associated in any way with Infor.



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