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Hosted Desktop

Always Available & Disaster Proof

Hosted Desktop: Your Windows Desktop On Any Device

Hosted Desktop Professional

Hosted desktops provide your users with a faster and more responsive desktop workspace that can be securely accessed from any device capable of displaying it. Our Microsoft Windows hosted desktops provide you with the same functionality as a traditional PC, but dramatically upgrade your users experience and capabilities. Our hosted desktops are capable of running all of your traditional PC applications and they can also run your legacy and custom applications too, all of which is backed by our focused support.


Available on a operationally convenient per user/per month basis, our hosted desktops are the foundation upon which we can help our customers build tailor made IT infrastructures, that can then be enhanced and upgraded over time, supporting strategic IT development initiatives and driving long-term value. Our hosted desktop offering includes hardware and software upgrades, automated backup with full business continuity and disaster recovery planning with offsite encrypted data replication.


Our hosted desktops are designed to provide you with a fully managed solution that takes the pain out of your IT. We fully manage, monitor, support and secure your infrastructure and provide you with a guaranteed uptime SLA. We support desktops, applications, servers, networks, peripherals, users, email and anything connected to your hosted desktop with user focused support.

Hosted Desktop includes

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus

  • Exchange email

  • File storage

  • Mobile access

  • High quality video & audio

  • Access to Other Line of Business Apps

  • 99.9% Service Guarantee

  • Support

  • Choice of browsers

  • Web filtering

  • Quicktime Player

  • Microsoft Silverlight

  • Fully supports Flash, Java

  • Websense email security

  • Antivirus

  • GoToMeeting

  • WebEx

  • Skype

  • Adobe Reader

  • 7 Zip

  • Crystal Reports

  • Sync Toy



Hosted Desktop Professional sets you free – work from anywhere, at anytime, on any device – allowing you to be as flexible as your business demands.   




 Up to 40% cheaper, with our per user, per month service you get access to enterprise grade technology without any upfront costs.




From 128-bit encryption through to individual password authentication, Security is at the heart of Hosted Desktop.



There is no need for any training – Hosted Desktop looks, feels and does whatever your work PC would do without the need of an IT fleet.



 Get all the performance and advantages usually only available to big business, whether you are a 10 person legal practice or a 1000-employee retailer.

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