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SunSystems Managed Services

Technical Managed Service

Technical Managed Service

SunSystems Technical Managed Service


The SunSystems Technical Managed Service is a flexible offering and can be adapted to suit individual needs. It is ideally used when the client has a hosted solution as this ensures a closed environment to operate in, however, it can also be offered to clients who wish to keep their SunSystems installation locally.

Specific requirements can be catered for and a tailored solution provided around the following example core (note, this is for illustrative purposes only):

  • Bureau Operations


  • Fault resolution with inclusive consultancy hours per month to resolve system issues.

  • Review / Manage Technical Support Incidents logged with Infor.

  • Fix / Patch deployment as a result of a logged support incident.

  • XenArtis direct contact for technical issues / queries during core office hours (9am - 5pm).


  • Patch sets & Changes and Rates

  • Discount on normal daily rates for future additional technical consultancy such as upgrades, system migration etc.

  • Application Patch Set Installation on scheduled basis.


  • Operations Management


  • Job Scheduling .

  • DB Patch set deployment.

  • Maintain Technical System documentation.


  • Pro-active Maintenance and Checks

  • Remote DBA Service (covers database down scenarios etc.) .

  • Monthly mini system health checks.

  • Two Full System Health Check / Audit (scheduled checks and maintenance).

  • Job Checking (maintenance plans etc.).


The above elements are just a selection of what can be included. If you are interested in the concept of implementing an AMS solution for your SunSystems application, then contact us to discuss what we can provide.


Complement Technical Managed Service with the Application Managed Service to provide a complete managed solution for your SunSystems environment.

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