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SunSystems Managed Services

Application Managed Service

Application Managed Service

SunSystems Application Managed Service


SunSystems Application MS is a comprehensive software outsourcing solution for managing your application. It goes beyond the level of support generally provided under your software vendor's support and maintenance agreement.

It provides a number of customised services to assist your users to be more productive and enhance their efficient use of the application.

Application MS can either replace your internal first line application support team, or supplement it depending on the level of workload and availability of internal staff.

There are a number of different elements that can be incorporated in an Application AMS package depending on your requirements. These include:

  • Bureau Operations

  • Regulatory updates

  • Proactive research and application of SunSystems patches

  • Raise "How to" questions

  • Building in a number Ad hoc consulting days at preferential rates

  • New reports and/or queries, report changes (subject to limit per month)

  • Specialized training for new users (limits apply)

  • Production support issues and resolutions Included

  • Special project status reporting included

  • Discuss upcoming key software functionality

The above elements are just a selection of what can be included. If you are interested in the concept of implementing an AMS solution for your SunSystems application, then contact us to discuss what we can provide.

Complement Application Managed Service with the Technical Managed Service  to provide a complete managed solution for your SunSystems environment.

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